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I will Install DIVI Content Toggle Plugin For DIVI Websites

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Divi Content Toggle will let you create interactive content toggle with text or Divi library items

Showcasing content with a toggle switch is an excellent and beautiful way to display lengthy and essential content concisely. With the content switch on your page, you can provide your site visitors an opportunity to explore key information, which sometimes goes a bit lengthy, in a less-bulky, easy to interact, and engaging way.

Using the Divi Content Toggle plugin, you can easily create content with a variation. Like pricing tables for annual and monthly purposes, product features, comparison among products or services, text content of multiple topics, and more.

Furthermore, it is a fully responsive Divi toggle plugin, including both the front-end and back-end interface. When creating the toggle and showing your design to the user. Thus, it provides the proper adaptation on different devices.

Features you get with Divi Content Toggle plugin

The Divi Content Toggle plugin comes with a handful of features that provide you with options so you can create toggle sections in a much simpler and creative way. You find no issue when working with this plugin. Everything would be smooth and fun, that you wouldn’t find when you created your essential content having a beautiful and engaging toggle.

Toggle text (The toggle display content of the text editor)

Toggle Divi library layout (Control that allows you to display library items in the toggle)

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