Windows Server 2022 Device Cal
Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Services 50 Device CAL Original price was: $399.00.Current price is: $29.99.
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Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services 50 Device CAL
Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services 50 Device CAL Original price was: $399.00.Current price is: $29.99.

Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services 50 User CAL

Original price was: $399.00.Current price is: $29.99.

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Microsoft Official 25 Digit Product Key

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Download link and instructions delivered by email within 6 hours.


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By purchasing RDS Windows Server 2019 – 50 User CALs, you will receive a 100% Original Microsoft license that can be activated directly on the official Microsoft website. Our secure payment methods give you a total guarantee and you will receive your software by e-mail after a few minutes.

Create a secure, reliable, and easily accessible work environment for your business with RDS Windows Server 2019 User 50 CAL from SOFTPIQ! Our Windows Server CAL offers your company the flexibility to work remotely anytime, anywhere.

Key Features of RDS Windows Server 2019 :

RDS Windows Server 2019 – 50 User CAL (Client Access License) allows organizations to provide remote desktop and application virtualization services to their users. Here are some key features and benefits of using Windows Server 2019 RDS 50 User CAL:

  1. Remote Desktop Virtualization: RDS Windows Server 2019 allows you to deploy and manage remote desktops and applications, enabling users to access them virtually anywhere with an internet connection.
  2. User CAL: The 50 User CAL licensing model allows up to 50 unique users to access the RDS environment. Each user requires a CAL, which helps manage and track user access.
  3. Multi-Session Support: RDS  Windows Server 2019 supports multi-session capabilities, meaning multiple users can share a single server, providing cost-effective use of resources.
  4. Enhanced Security: RDS includes features like Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway) and Remote Desktop Web Access (RD Web Access) to secure remote connections and user access.
  5. Session Virtualization: Session virtualization allows users to run applications in a shared session environment, providing a cost-effective way to deliver applications.
  6. RemoteApp: RDS supports RemoteApp, which allows individual applications to be published and accessed remotely rather than providing access to an entire desktop session.
  7. Load Balancing: You can use RDS to distribute user connections across multiple servers to ensure optimal performance and high availability.
  8. Integration with Active Directory: RDS integrates seamlessly with Active Directory, making it easier to manage user accounts, group policies, and access control.
  9. Remote Desktop Web Access: Users can access remote desktops and applications through a web browser, making it convenient for remote or mobile users.
  10. Licensing Management: The User CAL model simplifies licensing management by allowing you to allocate licenses to specific users, making it easier to comply with licensing requirements.
  11. Performance Improvements: Windows Server 2019 includes performance enhancements and optimizations, improving the overall user experience in an RDS environment.
  12. Scalability: RDS in Windows Server 2019 is designed to scale to meet the needs of growing organizations, making it suitable for small businesses and large enterprises.
  13. Support for RemoteFX: Windows Server 2019 RDS supports RemoteFX for improved graphics performance in virtualized environments, enhancing the experience for users working with graphics-intensive applications.
  14. Resource Monitoring and Management: RDS provides tools for monitoring and managing resources, helping administrators identify and address performance bottlenecks and issues.
  15. Compliance and Reporting: RDS includes features for compliance reporting and auditing, allowing organizations to track user activity and maintain security and compliance standards.
  16. Easy Deployment and Management: Windows Server 2019 offers improved tools and interfaces for deploying and managing RDS environments, making it more user-friendly for administrators.

Upgrade your system today with SOFTPIQ’s Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services 50 User CAL – security, reliability, and power without compromise!

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